Timer/Score not carrying over to last level

I have a timer sprite and a score counter sprite that is set to keep between levels. They work properly on the first 5 of the 6 levels I have. But on the last level, the timer starts over. Additionally, if you die/regenerate to this same level, it drops the score back to zero.

I don’t have this issue on any other levels and from what I can tell, the setup in between the levels is all the same. Maybe this is a glitch?


Use globals in logic and math.


Do you have an example screenshot you could send me? Would it just be swapping out the numbers for globals?

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yeah, giving a number to “set” will set the global value (that specific one, you can name it), inputing to “get” will output the value that is stored inside that global (however, if an object sets a global to 4, then all the other globals will output 4. Only use 'get" if you want 4 again) inputing to '+" will add the number you inputed to whatever was already in it. And this information will save inbetween levels.