Tiny camera? (2020202020202020)

I want to make the camera focus on the 2 x 2 pixel player and I cant make the camera cooperate.
please help me :’(

Why is the player so small? Use the “Zoom” input on the Camera behavior.

I have tried that at it only zooms into the middle of the screen. The player is super small because I want to make a super small platformer :slight_smile:

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If you have indie you can have it be full screen. Yeah, zoom goes to the center so it won’t work. Not sure how to fix this.

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Thank you for trying at least! have a nice day/night!

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please, someone, help me I’m desperate

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Maybe @JR01 would know how to do this?

I suggest making it a normal size game and zoom out instead.

But as well, you should try centering the camera on the player when zooming.


Thanks, JR01! (202020202020)