Tiny Nighttimes book 2 Ideas!

I need ideas for book 2!!!

anybody got ideas?

also i promise to put put you in credits!!!

The game is done full release!!!

Now i need ideas for book2 i will put you in credits

I’m not sure what this game is about - but here is a pitch!

A lot of horror games rely very much on visual communication to the player (especially on Flowlab), so how about… We take away almost all of the visual communication from the game! Now, hold on, this might seem crazy, but can make a very creative mechanic.

All of the rooms are nearly pitch black, only mere silhouettes are visible at a time, but even those are a bit hard to distinguish. You, the player, search around for batteries for you flashlight, but not by visual representation - but sound. If you stumble over a battery, a jingle sound would play, letting you know you’re by/on top of some batteries. Using the mouse, you will search for the batteries by clicking around, and if you get it, a second different jingle will play, and now the option to use your flashlight.

The flashlight’s light will be VERY valuable, as it makes navigation (and scaring of some unwanted guests…) a lot easier. Checkpoints would be single, glowing light-bulbs laying around, and once it is picked up, it saves. However, you can be able to carry this bulb around for a limited time for aid. If you die, you’ll return to that spot and a renewed bulb.

Since this is more sound/sensory based, the enemies have to be as well. I’m thinking footsteps and breathing. The closer, the louder. This should invoke some very good terror in the player, I think, and a clever way to cause jump scares. The player will be closely listening for footsteps, breathing, and jingles, but you decide in a certain area there’ll be a very shrill yell. Boom - recipe for scary.

Other light-based weapons could be used - torches (could be used as a weapon too…), flashbangs, flares, flare gun, electricity, etc. Have fun with it.

This all implies the enemies are afraid of light - which IS what I’m implying. So making them walk around, just barely visible, around your area of light would be frightening, too. Also then doing random, weird things, such as: crawling, laughing, disappearing, falling over, yelling, stomping, etc. Use sound to the advantage. Slam doors, turn on the generators, have a mouse die from the monster, even have hands burst out of the walls.

Those are a few ideas:)

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I’m guessing you like horror games @rcreger lol

First with “the facility” now this!

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@Ramshacklegamestudios I like doing certain aspects of them. I haven’t actually made a horror game before, but I understand them a bit more than games of other genres.

That, and I write weird stuff, so it fits lol

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Haha I can tell!

Well you obviously put a lot of time writing about horror games, so I bet you could make a quite good one

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Could I have link please I’m back so I have no idea what this is about so o don’t know were I can find the game.

I’m in school rn when I get home

thank you for the ideas everyone i will put you all in credits for all the good help!!

no more chapter 3 book2 now!!!

i tried to edit it21321312313124

ok here GrimProductionZ

Tanks :+1: (20 character)

maniac pumpkin gave me permission to play The Facility

I don’t think you need permission to play a game lol

“If you are 18+, press continue” :eyes:

Jk jk

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I found a tile map that might come to use 2db3cac388bcc3126be413825ba13f86 and this

Then finally I hope this will help for your game:)

i mean i just asked him

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