Togglable Bundles

I don’t know if this is a thing, but is it possible to switch code within a sprite. Since I’m not indie I have limited sprites, so I don’t want to clone one for menu selection and actual play, I think it could be cool if we could deactivate/reactivate bundles, so like a global saying what level your on, and if on menu, the bundle for actual game if off, then when your on level 1, you can toggle the menu bundle off, and the game bundle on.


This could be done with a bunch of switches I think.


Yes, it could be done really easy. There is a ‘get’ function with a ‘LoadLevel’ to tell you what level it is on. If it is on the right level, you could run it into switches inside of the bundle.


Thanks for telling me about that, now I need to update tons of code but I’ll be fine!

Can be some with switches, but it would be a very nice addition to have. Just because something is possible now doesn’t mean that it’s the correct way.

It’s important to realize when something can be improved, and this is one of those times