Toggle behavior and animation

Hello, I feel like an idiot but I’m new to this platform and I can’t figure out why this toggle behavior isn’t working. What should happen is that if you click the sprite once, it should run one animation, and if you click it again, it should run the second one.

It looks like the toggling is happening, but the toggle isn’t sending any signal out to the outputs. It’s set to have loop on, but I have also tried every other configuration.

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Try putting down output of the MouseClick into the in input of the Toggle and see if that works

That sends a signal out of out2, but it stops toggling :smiley:

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Set the toggle to repeat and set it to start at out2.


Repeat as in loop? Or do you mean add a repeater component? This is what it’s set to now:

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Put the “Down” input from the MouseClick into both the “Next” and the “In” input. Then have the settings like JR said “Start At 2” and “Loop”



Do you know why?

Great, that worked, many thanks! Now I just need to get my head around the logic of why this works in this particular way.


That should answer some of your questions.

Also, when you click on a behavior there should be a button labeled “Help” and it explains how it works