Toggle for raycasts and proximity detectors to collide with disabled objects

Hi. I have been trying to make an object that the player can go up through but cannot fall through. The only solution (that I have found) is to have each object individually check for the player with proximity sensors and to disable itself when it gets close. Sadly, this solution is also extraordinarily awful. This can easily create unbearable amounts of lag when the object is used in large quantities (which it must be). The other idea is to have the player check how close it is to the object, which solves the lag problem. But the problem with this is that when an object is disabled (which it must be), raycasts cannot collide with the object and proximity sensors cannot detect it. This is why I prepose that raycasts and proximity sensors have a toggle to let itself detect disabled objects. OR there could possibly be a special type of block that allows entry through only selected edges of object. (Preferably both) Thank you for reading.

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So… a falling platform? If so, there is an example in the help page.

Is this what you’re looking for? It’s on the Examples Page

Also, make sure you add an In-View behavior so only the platforms in view run this code