Top down grid based movement. Please Help

I want a top down movement set up where if you move once you keep moving until you reach a certain spot, and if you hold down you keep going. I need it so that you can’t stray off the individual grid blocks because then the collisions would be wonk.

Here’s an example game of what I want It’s a pokemon emulator

Here’s my game. Game

The controls are weird on the emulator. X and Z are controller A and B.

Flowlab Game Creator - Top Down Example this is a very good example

This has grid based movement: Flowlab Game Creator - Acorn's Verdant Venture

Woaaaaahh, that’s a lot of code for making him move.

Do you think it will work if I just copy all the code from that game to mine.
(If your fine with it)
(that’s supposed to look like a skeleton)
((the plates and forks and stuff is the body and limbs))
(((I don’t know why I put a skeleton)))

It’ll probably work…

It’s also extra code specific to the game, so you can probably simplify it for your needs.

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