Top-down jumping

how do I make the solder jump over the wall

Theres a example game in the help section… its made by hihilogic… let me see if I can get you a link…

well, its platformer though. maybe use raycasts to pick up the wall, thn have a trigger system to make the guy unsolid with an enable system? Its very basic though.

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You need to have two objects on top of each other. One is solid and the display order is 1, the second is non-solid and the display order is 2. In this case, the object on-top would be the brown dirt or sand object you already have.

Then you can use a switch. When the player is close to the wall, the switch turns on. When the player presses whatever button you want as a jump button, the switch outputs.

You should probably use four raycasters instead of collision. When the object is being touched by a ray, it is deleted. When it isn’t, it’s spawn again.

I’m just guessing, -you’d need an extremely complicated system to do this and I’m pretty sure ther’s an easier way.


Do you like this idea? If so, I can send some screenshots of how it might work.

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This would probably be much better with the enabled bahavior. Its a lot easier than deleting and respawning.


ill see if I can work on an example game.

Here is a simple example I came up with real fast… hope it works for you, but its not super smooth.

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