Top Down RPG Engine?

I want to make a TopDown RPG like game similar to Pokemon and the Mario & Luigi series. Though I have no idea on how to make character move in an up down left right manner. Anyone know how to do this? (screenshots of code would be great!)

Here’s a example by grazer

top down games are actually really easy

Just remember if it’s top-down, you will likely not need gravity.

I would just make most objects not effect by gravity, cause if you were to add certain particles or something within the game that need to fall through the map like bits of wood from a destroyed crate (example) then that’s always pretty useful. Same goes for enemies, if you want to have a cartoony like death then make them bounce up and then fall through the map, don’t make them for forever though cause it will caused a lot of lag so make them delete after a few seconds. If you ever played 60 second burger run, when you die it’s pretty similar so there is a good example of what i’m trying to say, since I never really explains things to clearly.

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@Xzerixan check out what @ManiacPumpkin said. Just make sure to turn off gravity for things that you don’t want to have it