Top down sprite flipping and freezing frames.

i have a little problem regarding sprites in my RPG.
problem 1: i’ve animated right movement sprites. how can i flip them so left will have the same without affecting every sprite? i’ve tried the flip option. sorry if it sounds basic.
problem 2: i would like my character to freeze in the angle it’s facing and not return to the origin sprite like in a real RPG. i’ve also tried stay on last frame. doesn’t work.

For problem 1: Why doesn’t the Flip block work?

For Problem 2, try this - instead of sending the key up output to the animation “stop” input, send the key up to the “go to frame” animation output. You can send a number into that input to make it stop on a specific frame, if you want.

whenever i try to implement the flip option to the sprite it ends up messing up the whole thing, as in reversing almost all sprites. plus, i don’t know all too much how to use it.

problem 2 has been solved, thank you so much! problem 1 still stands though! it’s the only critical problem right now and if it’s solved the game will finally be in a stable state!

problem 2 has caused problems again. when i move the animations stop sometimes and stay frozen even when i’m moving. when i make the key up connect to the stop input it goes back to normal, but i can’t pinpoint exactly if it’s truly related to problem 1 or problem 2.