Top-of-the-line reviews! (The Crigence Critique)

Ok sounds great Crigence!


Though i appreciate the ATTEMPT at a good horror game on an engine like Flowlab: It falls just short on everything that makes a game “Scary”, and overall the game just feels like it needs more.

+Amazing presentation right off the bat, if you didn’t know this was a horror game before you CERTAINLY know now!
+Loading screens with tips! Kickass!
+Fantastic sound effect choices, but the music though…
+The art in this game is pretty great, all things considered!
+The first jumpscare was ok, but needs more build-up

-Uhhhh… Strange main menu music choice
-Character does an annoying drift when bumping into things. There’s a way to fix this: CONSTANTLY reset the characters velocity back to 0 using behaviors.
-You made a horror game… with Flowlab indie… and yet there’s no full-screen option?
-The intro was mediocre, yes it set the tone but i learned nothing from it!
-It’s just. Not. Scary.

–You’ll find yourself having to go into the editor to remove doors constantly since you CAN’T GO THROUGH THEM :confused:

*Quick note for those checking to see if this game has any names you might recognize (Other than ManiacPumpkin of course): But Plymouth Entertainment had a hand in this game!
*In the end, i had to literally boundary break and walk around the walls outside the map to trigger the event and then the ending. And let me tell you this: It’s VERY fuckin underwhelming.

PS: On the topic of boundary breaking, you should hide a few “Easter Eggs” for people that try it :slight_smile:

Scores (Scale of 1/5)

:eye:Visuals - 4 (Pretty good, for what they’re worth!
:speaker:Sound - 3.5 (Sets the tone right, but doesn’t do much else)
:joystick:Controls - 2.5 (Too slippery)
:anger:Difficulty - 2.5 (I think so anyway, i couldn’t play right because the doors were broken)
:gear:Stability - 2.5 (The game was fine, it’s just those DAMN DOORS)

Final Score: 3.5/5
Has GREAT potential from what i could see, but it needs more before i deem it a “Horror” game.

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PS: @ManiacPumpkin, i have some further ideas to make this game better if you’re willing to take it!

I can explain the vertical door problem. I don’t know how to make a realistic door design using the view point that the game takes place in. Since the view is looking down at the world at an angle, you can only see the top part of the door, not the bottom so you kind of have to go below the door to actually walk through it. Like I said, not entirely sure exactly how to fix that. Most people assume that its a top down game with a view looking straight down, but its at an angle so the door is a little confusing, but I’m not getting upset or anything that you didn’t get it, everyone else had problems with it and I’m still not sure how to make it more realistic. I did update them though, but not sure if you played the updated version.

Also my sound is broken on my device so sorry for the random music and stuff.

Thanks for the review and yeah, feel free to leave any feedback or ideas that you think will make the game more enjoyable.

P. S. It’s just the demo, the actual gameplay doesn’t start yet, there will be more enemies, inventory, oxygen breath system (through smoke) and a lot more. I just needed a review so I know what to work on for the rest of the game.

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Well, my first idea is that 007 should be able to walk through walls. This gives him a VERY clear advantage over the player and makes him far more of a threat thanks to his unlimited movement!

The second is that you could make darkness a little more realistic by adding a HUGE screen sized vignette on top of the player. Since the view never detaches from the player, this would make it look like darkness is constantly surrounding you!

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This game WAS the best “infinite” game on Flowlab when i first reviewed it, and it still is today! Good graphics, good music, good controls. There’s nothing this game misses the key on. All it needs is ‘more’!

+Right off the bat the game has a pretty amazing main menu with a nice effect for the background and good music to accompany it (Although it needs more particles imo)
+First time i’ve seen a “Co-op” button in a Flowlab game
+In-game shops take effort, even if they are becoming more and more common thanks to JR 01
+Every part of this game is oozing with attention to detail! Take the pizza on the main-menu, for instance!
+The gameplay is fun, intuitive and addicting, running out of pizza when a swarm is ahead is terrifying!
+This game has some of the most well designed bosses iv’e ever seen in a Flowlab game! Well done!

-If the info screen is supposed to have anything in it, i don’t see it…
-“Attach kits” sound cool but… What are they? Game never says anything about them
-Game lacks enough power-ups or anything else to keep gameplay interesting for especially long periods of time, honestly.

*If you want to play the game but want something better to do than just “Play” it, you can always try to beat my high-score of 8000

Scores (Scale of 1/5)

:eye:Visuals - 3.5 (Not bad)
:speaker:Sound - 4.5 (Aces every job it has!)
:joystick:Controls - 3.5 (Very responsive)
:anger:Difficulty - 3 (Just right)
:gear:Stability - 4.5 (Other than some empty screens, it’s very well coded!)

Final Score: 4/5
Space, it goes on forever… But then you get to the end and a giant monkey starts throwing barrels at you

2 Likes As in the title it’s my flowjam 2020 game. Hasn’t been touched since I finished it so there’s still balancing issues, bugs, etc. But I hope you find it still enjoyable.


Hey can you review my game?

Press the house to go to the main menu

and the pause to pause

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Alright, i’ll get to it after Carbots game (Which will take 2 days due to the 1 game per day rule)


Now that i gave a proper goodbye to @CrimsonBlackGames, i want to review the other games pinned to Flowlab’s front page! But in what order? Well, i’ll let you decide:

  • Focus 2
  • Escape The Rewind
  • A Stitch in Time
  • Time bomb
  • No Plan
  • Thread
  • The Curse of the Were Loaf
  • X-yard
  • Stacey
  • Apocalypse Arena

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Pick your top 3 favorite games on this list. I’ll go from most picked result to least picked and review them in that order! (Of course, submitted games come first)

Thank you for supporting my return ~Crigence

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Despite this being a Flowjam game, i am judging this game like any other due to the fact the game has had MONTHS to update! And when looked at through this lens, it’s certainly a fun distraction… But it just needs more.

+Right off the bat, this game also has a pretty amazing main menu with music to match. It still feels a little empty, though.
+The first thing you’ll notice upon hitting “Start” is not only the amazing music, but also the kickass UI! This is FAR better than most Flowlab games!
+The day and night cycle, though simple, is a VERY cool addition, especially by Flowlab standards!
+Where you HIT zombies actually matters! Well done
+Even shooting zombies has a strategical element to it, you’re constantly thinking “What is the most efficient way to massacre this hoard?”

-While it can be argued that the flies help keep you in game, if this is supposed to be an “Idle game” that’s a BAD thing!
-The zombie hitboxes feel lower than they should be, i recommend setting them to “Polygon” so the hitboxes are correct!
-On that topic, zombies should lose their hitbox when they die! This can be done by spawning a separate object at their location with 0 collision
-The flies have the opposite problem, their hitboxes are too small! They should be bigger so clicking them is less of a pain! This can be accomplished with animations
-The folder has a tendency to get in your way
-What workers do is not immediately obvious
-This game could use random events. The gameplay loop, while well executed, gets boring after a while.

*The music changing at night would be nice, it getting slower and deeper even would be a nice touch!

Scores (Scale of 1/5)

:eye:Visuals - 4.5 (Well done)
:speaker:Sound - 4.5 (Needs more tracks, but still good!)
:joystick:Controls - 2.5 (The hitboxes…)
:anger:Difficulty - 3 (Meh)
:gear:Stability - 4 (Don’t spam the folder)

Final Score: 3.5/5
EXTRAORDINARY amounts of potential, but the driver fell asleep at the wheel…



It feels like the game needs more effort in some very key areas of making a game (ie. game design, art, animation, mechanics…), and doesn’t feel it brings much to the table YET. With a little more time and a set goal for how the game will look and feel, this game will be able to finally stand on it’s two feet. Until then, it’s the hammer down protocol for this one.

+Gives enough charm to pull you through, very much like Deadly Premonition.
+(Personally) I actually found the mazes to give the game a little more difficulty that wasn’t too unbalanced.

–Right off the bat, we can tell the game needs a good amount of work on it. I suggest putting more time into: Game design, art, animation, and mechanics. Right now they feel a little bland and unfinished.
–VERY strange key choices…
–Not too much to do other than run around in the first level.
–Some explanation in the first level would be nice - It felt a little awkward jumping into the game with no context.
–I wouldn’t make it so you go back to the main menu after you die - just let it restart the level. It’s a lot more convenient for the player :slight_smile:

Shoutout to @rcreger for helping me with the notes!

Scores (Scale of 1/5)

:eye:Visuals - 1 (Just not good)
:speaker:Sound - 1 (What sound?)
:joystick:Controls - 2 (The hit boxes are horrible, layout makes no sense)
:anger:Difficulty - 1.5 (The bad controls make it worse than it has to be)
:gear:Stability - 3 (Occasional unwelcome softlock)

Final Score: 1.5/5
Iv’e been instructed by my ghost writer to tell you that “No game is ever a lost cause, keep improving on the game and i’m sure it could be pretty good game!” or something along those lines…

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Hello @Crigence. I was wondering if you accept games that have already been reviewed before, or if they have to be “brand new”?

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I do re-reviews, of course!

What game is on your mind?


The review request I am making is Pixel Sports. It has been reviewed by other people already, but I wanted to hear from you about what you think of this game.

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Alright, i’ll get to it tomorrow since i already reviewed a game today.

Thanks for the submission :slight_smile:


I know you said you wanted to wait until it’s completely done, but I need the feedback even if it’s not a long review

Are you sure it can’t wait until you’re at least 25% done?

If you want your review that badly, though; i’ll add you in-line after Galaxian if that’s not an issue with you?

I’m sure.

As I said I need all the feedback I can get. It’ll just make the game that much better! (and it’ll help me and F3 know what we should add next)

I’m sure I’ll ask for a re-review once I’m about 50% done

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could you review my game wizard quest its in very early access so there is no end yet

also it might run poorly in browser because of the large level size so tell me if you want it on pc