TopDown/Legend of Zelda Type Game...

Hi, new to the site, attempting to make my own mobile game. I wonder if there are any behavior Movement presets for top down games similar to NES Legend of Zelda. I’ve seen the run and jump Behavior preset for sidescrollers, just would luv to see one for top down (left, right, up, down) games. Thanks!

Well, nm, I’ve figured out how to move Actor Left/Right/Up/Down…but can’t keep him from drifting; want to make him stop after releasing the button.

Read a few of your tutorials…they are very helpful, thanks.

Normally I would say to copy this game @grazer made, but it’s broken now.

Basically, use numbers for x and y velocity, and letting go of a button is 0 xy.

Thx…also how do you save Behavior patterns you’ve made? I wanna add it to a preset bundle…

then make a new bundle and drag them in the folder

:stuck_out_tongue: derp…thx. sry for the n00b questions!

So to let go and stop them from sliding, you gotta send a link from the ‘Up’ nodes to a ‘0’ Number node all going to Velocity node, rite?

Just looked at the behavior pattern for the game you listed…damn, alot of action going on there! Easy to get lost.

Ok, it worked…thx!

Now need to know how to add different sprites for animation…walking up/down/left/right.

Make 3 animations. Animations are made by clicking the film lEIl looking button.
Make one for up, one for down, and one for left and right.
Connect up (down) to animation “up” loop and up (up) to animation stop
Connect down (down) to animation “down” loop and down (up) to animation stop
Connect right (down) to animation “right” loop and right (up) to animation stop
Last, have left and right connect to a flip button. Left is (flip) right is (back)

That way, you don’t have to make a left animation.

Thx for the help…i will try that.

Also, is there a way use/share behavior patterns from another game on here?



Thx for the info @poo

@MhxAir, ok, i got the animation for the character to work, but as for behaviors, I’m a bit lost. Is there a way for when you press the button, the 2nd walk frame start instead of the initial standing frame?

Hope i didn’t confuse you…

Hey cuedaninja - here is an example of simple top-down movement that doesn’t drift:

@grazer thx, I will check that out!

Cool, got it to work. So you can just bypass velocity alltogether…?

Also wanna add the animations, so ill try to incorporate it into that.

Ok, working…also forgot to mention to set the Keyboard values to ‘repeating’ ;-).

And how to you switch movement btw characters? It seems like even when I change behaviors for them, they all move at the same time. Trying to figure it out on my own, but to no avail.

Again, thx for all the help.