Topic for my flowjam game

Still coming up with a name for it, here’s some screenshots from a video I shared on discord:


cool, but could you add like a knight carather?

how many skills are there?

will be around ~40 - 50 depending on the time i have, may even go to 60 if i have extra time
each ability has 2 upgraded versions so 48 abilities is actually just 16 unique ones

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pretty decent, but I thought you were making skill trees?

yeah, each skill tree allows you to unlock small buffs (+10% damage, +25% stun time) and has a few abilities along the way

you can upgrade these abilities instead of going down the skill tree though


Woahhh, looking forward to play your game

can you add a cool looking knight carather?

what’s a carather? is it some type of knight that i don’t know about?

this game won’t have any knights in it, just that red enemy guy and the player with different weapons

sorry, it was a typo, what i mean is perhaps like a skin for the player thats a knight?

not worth my time to add skins

why do you want a knight in the game so badly anyway?

i love knights and there are not many cool knight games on flowlab

Will the game theme actually be your Discord profile picture? If so, my excitement shall multiply by at least 1.25%. I am very excited.


Each time I find a topic like this, the chances of me getting 10th goes down by 10%.

i just got 15th post lmao burn i despair

10 unique abilities down (all variations too, comes out to 30 abilities in total)
If i continue at this pace of 15 a day i’ll finish by thursday and have 4 days for level design and testing


I definitly see improvement in the past jams… They are getting better

Random comment

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finished with around 8 minutes left

have fun, some level design is kinda rushed but it’s still fun


yeah, it’s very polished and fun! Good job! The levels are kinda difficult tho

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i need baby mode.
also this is probably my 2nd fave game in the jam

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