tower defence

i made a tower defence game. its in its earlier stages (and by early I mean I only finished the really messed up pathing of the enemies).
if you have any ideas or suggestions please let me know.
heres the link:

Rather than going through the hassle of using timers to determine when to move an enemy, I would suggest using the extractor or filter property, in relevance to the position of the enemy. For example, when so and so reaches a certain position on the map (whether it be pixels or the grid), it toggles to a different rotation degree. That probably made no sense, so feel free to ask questions if I was misunderstood. Just use filters, extractors, and switches/toggles to your advantage, and make sure you know if you need to use Once triggers or Always triggers.

Oh, Thanks! i would’ve probably been too lazy to use extractors at all if you didn’t tell me :smiley:

how do you kill the evil dudes

oh, you dont. its just a test. you can suggest some towers if you want :slight_smile:

bowwore fun ake