transfer health and collectables data between lvls ?

for example if i need 3 firewood for a fire and i collect 2 on the first lvl and need to grab the last one on the next lvl , how do i keep that 2/3 status from the first to the second ? and also if im half health on the first how do i keep it the same status through the next ? ( i am using food as a way to heal )

You can save the number in a save behavior.

and for the health ?

Same thing

ok so i did it for the health and now my player when he dies , the lvl restarts with his health all the way down how can i make his health the original value as it was before he died ?

or should i just use check points ?

once output read save output done filter equal to less than zero pass output in 100 set 100


Exactly as how @glithctyrus said: