Troll Valley (the game where its annoying and puzzle solving)

heehee no hints

this is only the demo

omg im stuck on lvl 3!!! its so trolly tho lol

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oh noes i left my computer and mah sis just deleted troll valley NOOOOOOOO

wait the level where the spikes cover the flag or when ur completely trapped?

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it’s not really trolly… but I get the concept.

trolling would be obvious and tricking/lynig (which you have done a bit in the game), all this is, is not telling anything. There’s a difference between trolling and not telling the user something, and it doesn’t make good gameplay.

In my opinion, I think the game would be even better if there was something you had to do, to get a clue of which key you need to click. Like, if I click this button it’ll give me a hint to what key to click, when I click that key the door unlocks.

its only a demo buddy sometimes its puzzles sometimes its trolls get ready for when i have indie this month

say goodbye to ur brain and MANY TROLLLLLS

also actually i made this game off of a mario maker 2 level i made

that literally explains nothing…

but cool?

also, I’d prefer if I weren’t called “buddy”… sounds rather offensive in my opinion.

No something like this it explains the idea and also how much this game is the opposite of the mario maker level I’ll redo this game because mah sister deleted it or maybe just hmmm make a game called

eh i’ll choose anything i can do

ok sorry for calling u “buddy” instead i’ll call u by ur username sorrrrryy

It’s alright, thanks.

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