Trouble with animated title screen

apologies for spamming the help forum, I promise I’m not trying to :sob: I have an object that acts as a cutscene at the beginning of the game and I was trying to make it work as the title screen as well by making an animated title screen that simply starts the game after clicking. The cutscene plays as intended, but the title screen animation is not playing no matter what I do. I just need another pair of eyes cause I think I’m missing something!! It’s the giant green square on the UI layer. Thank you!

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your animation is way over the memory limit for a browser
instead of using one big object which contains all those extra pixels, just use a few separate objects that look for mouseclicks anywhere

your cutscene behaviours are so messed up…

This could work!! dont need anything else
nvm you need this too

Thank you so much, this fixed it!!

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