trouble with chat box

i want to send a message from the play button click to the chatbox and box animation to the next lvl but i think im using the SAVE & READ wrong . i want to only use one chat box for all characters. what can i do to make this work ?

If you want to play animations for specific levels, you can use the “get” input from the NextLevel behavior to see what level your in. Have more filters when you want the chatboxes for those levels.


i am confused sorry @“JR 01”

how do i get it to say different things in different lvls and stop the last label

Stop the last label?
If you need to change what labels are up, then you just need to make the old Text Alpha = 0 and the new Text Alpha = 100. Like if the chat index is 2, turn text from index 1 to Alpha = 0.


To see what level your on, you use the “get” input.
The filters will output “pass” if you are on that level.

Equal to 1, your on Level 1
Equal to 2, your on Level 2
You can see the level numbers in next to the “Load” button of the levels.

thank you my friend