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@todorrobot, sorry for the late reply but I think I just figured out why this is happening.
It only happens when I first load the game, but when I reload the level (or just look in the editor), all the text are lined up again.

I think its a possibility the labels aren’t loaded in before the Once behavior activates (when the game page is loaded), but it is already loaded before the once if you press play from the editor. That’s my theory anyway, but try this. Add a timer (set to 2, no repeats) with the once behavior, so the labels do move when they are loaded.

Just do these to all the Positions and I think it will fix the issue:

I tried my best @todorrobot

Hi hi!

@“JR 01” I put the “flowlab duct-tape”… i mean a “2 tic timer” in front of all my positions. But since it displays correctly on my end, I don’t know if it’s actually fixed. @F3Art @TinkerSmith @“The Kodex” @PixelPizza @rcreger @seamothmaster45 @aiden.tse @grazer @glithctyrus @GrimProductionZ Can you check it out again on your systems and let me know if the book text is displaying correctly or if it still looks like trash.

Much appreciated for the extra sets of eyes!

Sorry @todorrobot , still the same for me :frowning:
Scrambled when I load it first.
When I switch to Edit and back to Play it’s all good.

@todorrobot For me it is not as wonky but overlaps some of the text:

@“JR 01” do I need to disconnect the once from the numbers so it just goes once-2 tics-position input. Also I was going to move all the text off the live area of edit screen so that if it displays incorrectly it will still look like a blank page and not a mess.

Hmm, @todorrobot maybe try using an always instead.
I still think its a loading issue, but it seems longer to load ALL the texts correctly.

Also just saw this when I loaded the game in edit mode:

Stupid idea … it seems to be scrambled only on first load.
What about to switching to a different level showing only the blank book and then back to the active one?
Or be mean and force restart it once itself?
Maybe add a test button one can press to restart the level when they see scrambled, just for debug purposes

Reminds me, before the intro text on the inner page shows it shortly flashes a monster image, can’t loom on phone, sorry.

Just use my freaking dialog bundle :slight_smile:

That might work, but I’m not sure since it still needs to load the level.
And be careful if you do restart the level on start and not cause a loop crash the game.

If else the Always causes an issue, you could maybe set the timer to 10 (1 second) with like a repeat of 5 (ouputs the first 5 seconds)

@“JR 01” , regarding that, whats the best way anyway to make sure a level is fully loaded before it starts? Like, I noticed music not loaded in time and similar

@TinkerSmith I would use your bundle if I didn’t have to start from scratch to do it. I will definitely find a use for it.

@“JR 01” Can you break down the actual problem I’m trying to solve here? is it that the game is loading the existing position of the text (as seen in the editing screen) at level load instead of the “once” numerically assigned position? The 2 tic delay was potentially going to solve that by sending the numerical placement after once triggered the 2-tic timer. Is there an issue beyond that that I’m missing?

Maybe 2 tics isn’t long enough? you don’t see the first name/description until well after the level loads and runs the intro, so there should be plenty of time. Here is a link with the numerical placement delay at a full 20-tics (2 sec)

How 'bout now?


Did you remove the Demon Name ?

Yeah, it works now.
2 Seconds was enough time for the labels to load and be moved.

@TinkerSmith, the names appear for me, try again and see if their still not there.

Sorry @todorrobot and @“JR 01” …
No Name when I first start it up, and one syllable when I refresh.
But don’t worry too much. My PC is probably the worst test scenario for this. Old, low memory and a slow internet connection.

Correction: Tested it on my phone and it’s the same
Maybe … Demons don’t like New Zealand :slight_smile:

Demon2020-07-05 124904

my favourite demon by far

@F3Art hey! Sweet! That looks like its working. Thanks for testing!

yah it’s working! it’s really fun reading all of the randomly generated descriptions.