TRY MY NEW GAME: The Infinite Lexicon of Demons

Hi friends! Try out my new “game?” which is a Flowlab combo of mad-libs and those old “fashion plates” toys. Enjoy flipping through the infinite pages of Hell’s worst inhabitants… forever!

The Infinite Lexicon of Demons

Space or click to turn pages.
M to mute music.

Let me know what you think! MUHAHAHAHA!

are the descriptions randomly generated? that’s awesome! kinda hard to read them sometimes though since they’re half off the page.

and is this for @“meburningslime”'s challenge?

Nice, well done @todorrobot

@F3Art are you on a phone? Are the descriptions off your screen or off the in-game book? Can you screenshot?

no I’m on pc. I’ve never figured out how to put screenshots on flowlab forums. can I just copy/paste from the clipboard?

now they’re on the book but the two words in the middle are squished together and unreadable.

Dang @“JR 01” nice high-score lol!

@F3Art the names are three syllables each and theres a first noun, and adjective and a second noun. Each Slot has somewhere between 24 and 56 options (plus the occasional sound effect)

The demons are similar but most pieces only have 4 options for each part: eyes, mouth, horns, head, torso, arms, feet (and wings!). I added extra skin color options.

I was interested in creating/testing this mad lib/character generator thing and had some other ideas for uses, but the infinite lexicon of demons seemed the easiest and most absurd.


did it

also it’s pretty cool that all the demons looks are random too. I didn’t even notice tat they weren’t all hand made.

@F3Art weird. That’s what it looks like on my phone too.

Not sure why the position blocks aren’t loading for you. They should all be specifically assigned and it’s rendering correctly on my end. Hrrrrm.

kinda wierd that’s happening. maybe it’s my internet connection? I basically live in the middle of nowhere.

also @“JR 01” I got to 1011

and also this one looks really cool.

The text positioning also was off on my phone. But was right after I restartet the game.

LOVE IT @todorrobot , what a great idea.
Can I steal the flip page routine, looks gorgeous :slight_smile:
I trade it for my dialog routine for your book, HAHAHA

P.S. with labels I also had sometimes the problem that at the 1st start they where not showing up in the right position and needed a restart. Anyone else has experienced that?

@TinkerSmith absolutely. Have at! Glad you enjoyed it. I was originally going to do an intergalactic criminal line up game with these where you have to identify the correct criminal from a random assortment of randomly generated rough looking aliens. I still might incorporate it into something but Ill probably move on to my next shiny idea. (Frankly Im surprised I made it back to finish this after participating in @meburningslime last few challenges.)

@F3Art it looks like grazer’s new update might have fixed the text alignment problem. Can you confirm it is reading correctly? @TinkerSmith can you check as well?

@grazer, @“JR 01” if i were to try to export this for mobile, which of those new render options would be the best for this? I’ve never tried to export/upload anything before.

@“The Kodex” @meburningslime @rcreger @Battery @MagmaDude100 @glithctyrus @CrimsonBlackGames @PixelPizza @seamothmaster45 @GrimProductionZ Sorry for the spam, but would you mind giving this a look and letting me know if the book text is legible and aligning properly on your phones or computers?

So @todorrobot for my phone and laptop the text came out a little bit wonky, as you can see, (With everything else turning out beautifully):
Screenshot 2020-06-29 at 14.25.28
It looks like a fantastic and clever generstion system with beauitiful art and just a stunning presentation. But then again, that is the usual with you. Really great, esecially with tracking the numbers! One thing - Can there be a button to turn the page back?

What it use to look like to me is what @“The Kodex” sent.
I haven’t tried it again since the update, but I’m on my work computer now and it looks fine.
I’ll try my actual computer whenever I get home from work.

For the Scale mode in the export, I suggest just trying different modes with the Full-Screen block.
Try setting one to each number key, just un-toggle it before trying the other modes.
I personally like Stretch, Expand, and Letterbox.

Hi, the text seems to be aligning just fine now.

I can’t get into the book for some reason

It is similar on mine as way, as the previous screenshot depicts. Really interesting game, you come up with very interesting ideas and mechanics @todorrobot ! Hope the issues can be smoothed out later down the road. Good luck!

@“JR 01” @grazer @TinkerSmith i guess the next question is how do I fix this? I have x,y positions assigned on all text blocks, is this a case of the random block assigning the text before the label position gets triggered? Do I need to rearrange blocks or trigger the x,y position a different way?

I see I have been mentioned I must read all previous comments…