trying to make a skeleton spwn on a grave but i cant get the right cord ants

when the casket opens up i wnt it to spwan direcly on it

Hi! Extract the coordinates (this x, this y) and connect them to the spawn behavior.

idk how to find them , i see the 0/0 or whateer they would be but when i type them in i dont see anything hzppening

ohhhhhhhhh nvm ill try

every time it doesnt save what rhe type to spawn is for some reason can you show me an example please last lvl is test lvl

I couldn’t find any Spawn Behavior in your logic.
The “Spawn” behavior is available on the Components tab.

yea i know what the spawn is , it wasnt working so i removed it to try other possibilities

This is how the Spawn behavior works:

I also noticed that you were sending 2 coordinates in just one message.
not like this
Different values need different Names and Messages, like this:
like this

This is how to make the Skeleton Spawner Object, spawn a skeleton once the animation is done:
I added an Expression on the Y coordinates because otherwise, it would spawn the skeleton in the middle of the tomb.

You can read more about the Spawn Behavior here:

Hope this helps :smiley:

thats exactly what i wanted thank you , will the skeleton chase behavior still work after it spawned ?

how do you know what number to put in expressions ?

Sure, make sure to have a “Once” connected to the Extractor inside your “Throll Enemy Chase” bundle.
Otherwise, it will only start following after 3 seconds (because your timer delay is set to 30).

okay so i just did it but all myy spawns are spawning skeletons in one location , which is the first spawner, is there a way to get the spawners to spawn skeletons in individual locations

on the last lvl i was working on i use it to test , youll see what i mean there , they only spawn at the one

i took the expression off and it works how i want but you are right about them spawning in the middle of the tomb lol, just need them on the ground

I added the expression back in, and it’s working perfectly fine. Are you sure that you copied the code precisely?

Also, don’t forget to @ me, otherwise, I won’t see your questions.

i added A+61 , did you put any numbers in the expressions , i have multiple spawners . @PixelPizza

nvm its all good now thank you