Turn Game into app or make mobile accessible

I made my game on FlowLab.
Now I want to make it available on iOS devices (at least). How do I go about doing that?

  1. Purchase the indie account from the GoPro tab
  2. Get on an Apple computer like a MacBook or something
  3. Open up the iTunes store and apply to be a developer
  4. Pay for the development package so you can translate your game into an iOS game
  5. Install the program and follow the instructions that come with your flowlab game after converting it to an Xcode project
  6. Once completed, drag it to iTunes and install on your iDevice and test the game
  7. If it runs well, request an upload to the iTunes store and begin selling your game!

cant do that!
i was really looking foward to this!

You have to read the fine print. It says right on the GoPro page, just under the 3 options:

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I cancel or change membership plan any time?
Of course!
What is required for Apple App Store Submisson?
Apple requires a developer membership to submit apps, and a Mac computer is required to sign and upload them.
Do we charge a royalty for games built with Flowlab?
Nope, you keep whatever you make from exported games.
Can I export my games for Android?
Nope, not yet, but we’re working on it.

i noticed, but i didnt realize that it required $100 more bucks!

Just to let you guys know i am almost positive that Android app development is free but you can’t make an android app from flow lab

not yet, but soon… XD

@ztg5, Android app development is not free. There’s a $25 registration fee.