Turning "Always on" to "Triggered by"? Gator Panic

Hi all, I’ve hit another snag with Gator Panic: http://flowlab.io/game/play/1359018

Now that things are extracting from the Airboat properly, I’m still having trouble getting the HUD Map Icon (In the UI layer) to move across the map correctly.

I have an “always” into the extractor, extracting the Airboat X. That value goes into an equation that divides it by 1200. Every time it hits 1200, it should push the HUD Map Icon 16 pixels forward (airboat x is blue value on left of screen. green number is x value divided by 1200). But, the signal from the always on, means that as soon as the airboat reaches the first 1200 milestone, the map icon flies off to the right. Byyyyeeeee. It is constantly adding the 16 pixels, instead of only adding the pixels once.

Is there a way to change the “always extract” into a “triggered once?” I tried timers, but that didn’t line up correctly. I tried filters (current version), but that doesnt stop the constant signal. I thought maybe an AND logic gate, but it would still rely on a timer or an always in value. Any thoughts? Any work arounds or am i approaching this from the wrong angle?

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Of course as soon as I come over here looking for help, I think I found a solution. It’s going to involve some heavy wiring, but maybe someone out there has a more elegant solution than my brute force solution? Interested to hear how anyone else would or has tackled this issue.

A really simple solution that might work (I don’t know all that much about your game) is to have the extractor always on, but a switch is blocking the output. The output of that switch will then turn on when activated and off when completed.

are you needing help with the progress bar?

I just gave the solution Johny boy in the other discussion lol

I made an example @todorrobot for progress bars,
I also made it Vertical & Horizontal options!

Progress Bar Example:

@todorrobot - I took a look at the logic, and if I understand things correctly you may be able to simplify things by using a modulus operator (%) in the expression instead of dividing.

If you’re not familiar, the % operator divides the two values and returns the remainder. You should be able to just check the result for 0 I think to get the effect you want?

There’s a percent modulator?!
Now I feel stupid. I have been playing this for 5 years and I never knew of that?! lol

Hey @meburningslime - here’s a list of the math operators: https://flowlab.io/behavior_handbook/#logic-math-expression-description