Turning Flowlab Sprites into a HD Sprite

For example I take a 16 x 16 sprite into a HD 32 x 32

I know you can change the brush size on the sprite editor and edit the sprite yourself to be whatever definition you want, but to automatically change your sprite from a 16 by 16 sprite into a 32 by 32 sprite is near impossible unless you use some sort of AI, since flow lab doesn’t know what colors or pixels would be used to fill in the size difference.

I know you can download the sprite and resize the image if your device can edit images without the use of other softwares. When you download a 16 by 16 pixel sprite, it’ll be sized exactly. So you can change the pixel size up or down, but changing it up can lead to warping or off scale proportions. Such as some pixels blending in with others when they shouldn’t, etc. By changing the size using your device, only makes the sprite bigger, it doesn’t make it more defined.