Turning slowly with the mouse?

How can i make my character follow the mouse but turn slowly? currently no matter what, it always follows the mouse instantly or just doesn’t work. how can i fix this issue? i want him to only turn o the mouse every 0.1 seconds or maybe 0.2.

Use an ease behavior

Ok, so how do i use easing? i admit, i have never used it before.

its hard to explain, but ill get around to making an example, unless someone beats me to it

There are a few ways you could do this. The easing idea that @CrimsonBlackGames suggested would work fine. Another way would be to do this:

  1. Add two Numbers, one for “X” and one for “Y”
  2. Send your mouse positions into those when you move the mouse
  3. Add a timer that sends the current value from “X” and “Y” into LookAt.