Turns out NSS Wouldnt be coming out

I dont know is not what i wanted. i have this feeling. To stop Something wrongs with it. I dont know if i should continue.


Gamedev block.
How do I get over dev’s block? : gamedev (reddit.com)


This hit me hard. I’ve been feeling something quite similar recently, and I don’t know what to do about it. I’ve already made a commitment to myself to keep going on my game until it’s completed, but I’m having trouble with ideas and it feels like nothing is working. I really just want to stop working on my current game and start up a new, completely different project, but I just keep going, though, and hope that I will start feeling better about the game. This same thing happened to me with my last game, too, lol. I hope you do continue though! I’m looking forward to seeing your game! :slight_smile:


Start small. Hope that helps.