Two Small Questions

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Anyways Whats The Difference Between Studio And Education?

  1. Who Was This Suppost To Be? (Look At The Page And The Url)

Grazer’s Profile ID Is 6 So Then I Went Down 5 4 3 2 1 (They Were All Named Anoymous) Until I Got To 0. The Image (Above) Showed Up.

idk ask @grazer

@grazer Can You Tell Me?

The only difference (that I see) between Education and Studio is that in Education you can give student accounts to other people. They will act as if they are indie users. Studio, I think, means that you can create alternate accounts that all act as indie without having you pay more money.


The teacher has access to all student accounts.
For like games, add/delete account, and control over all accounts. You can create unlimited student accounts.

Studio makes accounts with equal access for unlimited users. This is just tied to one account.

I honestly think both memberships need authentication from grazer before giving access. Especially after the Slime incident.

They’re probably test accounts when he was making Flowlab online.


Sorry but I’m new, what was the slime incident?

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a user gave a lot of people free indie and lowered flowlabs already low income
basically anti stonks

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@pixelknife31 The primary differences between Studio and Education:

  1. Education subscription is designed for “Education” environments, so it’s slightly lower cost
  2. Studio is designed & intended for a commercial environment where you planning to make games for profit
  3. Games made using an Education subscription say “Made with Flowlab Education edition” on a splash screen
  4. Games made with a studio (or Indie) account have no splash screen at all.
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basically to shorten this down, “indie acounts are lit amiright or amiright aight bois where we dropppin”


Ah… I see…
Thank you for telling me