Ultimate decimation (smash type game)

I don’t know if you are adding characters or not, I read up above and said you were, but I was just wondering.

If you are, I was making a character for Flowlab All stars, but you could use a variation of it, or make it look a bit different.

I put the character on a separate level so I could try out different animations, attacks and stuff.

Current keys are arrow keys to move. Z to jump (not added yet) and X to punch. I had jumping enabled, but got deleted when I redid the code. This concept is far from done and its mainly just coding and animations i need to do at this point.


ill check it out brb

aight ill only be accepting request through private dms

The Combat Car:

pixil-frame-0 (5)
(Lol all else you need is wheels animation for this)

Lithios (No Way you’re gonna do this):

The Synthwave Rider:

Synthwave Rider
(Full Sprite Sheet Available)

[Unknown User]:

pixil-frame-4 (2)
(Full Sprite Sheet Also Available)

Here are some entries

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I might do the Sythwave rider as he would be the easiest to redesign and get attacks for

Please also do the Combat Car Adventures.

And here is his sprite sheet:

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kthx ill make him fit the style a little bit later
also, instead of the combat car being a character it could be a powerup kinda like brawlhalla’s horn thing?

Have you played the Combat Car Adventures, because it does have a move set and requires minimum sprites as well/

It can shoot, fire rockets, jump and double jump and dash

aight ill check it out

I’m actually remastering it too!

Play this: https://flowlab.io/game/view/1449387

I’ve heard

so I got permission to include porky, but my redesign kinda doesn’t fit so ill have to redesign my redesign

LOL too funny (20202020)

instead of implementing porky, I decided to start implementing B-O-R-I-S
porky still might be implemented later though

Screenshot 2020-12-11 at 9.43.52 AM
B-O-R-I-S and particles and stuff

yo the kodex since I’m having problems drawing out the synthwave rider in a style while still scaling well with the game I decided to only go with combat car, hope you understand

I understand but realise I CAN help with that, he should be ready to go considering he’s only 2x2

i have 2 characters i want to be added if it’s okay :smiley: they are characters from my zombie game, they are 2 female fearless assassins, named Stella and Juna
img_asset_8821626 (1) img_asset_8822206
if you want you can switch out juna with titus

ill add them when I can, im kinda scattered at the moment trying to find something fun to work on. ultimate decimations development is really demotivating atm so its on hold until I get indie so I can have some people to help out, but ill put these on my list of things to add when development starts again

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