Unable to upload gifs into sprite editor

After I select the gif file, it will not appear in the sprite editor.

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helo darkmstar,uhh you now the dark star dev log theres some new stuff for you to check out!

You have to have an animation open for it to work.

I opened a new animation and tried it. This box:
Screenshot (28)
will not leave even after I selected a gif from my files.

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Then it must be a bug

I had trouble uploading a gif before, but after trying a few time it eventually worked

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Can you post the gif you are trying to upload? I’ll test it. Also, you said “gifs” plural - are there other gifs you tried that did not import correctly also?


It was this health bar and a blue variation. The red one worked a few weeks ago, but didn’t today, and the blue one didn’t work at all. You mentioned a cap on the space provided per animation. Could that be the issue?
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