Undertale Save System

I want to make the save system for my rpg game based off Undertale, but I can’t figure out how the save block works at all.

there is probably two things you need
you must have EXACT LETTERS. or copy and paste
have you used read? in save. it will remember it and read will take the information and go to the output.

although this may be off topic. but there is this one yt that i loved its stop animation. he plays undertale battle. Good Luck!

Ty! But what do you mean by exact letters?

If you use a save behavior across multiple objects, the behavior has to share the exact name, including all numbers or capitalized letters the first save behavior had.

So if you have a save behavior in one object that saves a score or money system, let’s say the name is “Money”.

And you have a store or reward system that has to read the save behavior, so you’ll want to name this one “Money” as well or else it’ll try to read a separate save behavior that has no saved value.