Undo Problem in the sprite editor

Undo Problem:

I have been having major problems with the undo button in the sprite editor.

Whenever I make any minor mistake, like accidentally bucketing the entire sprite, the Undo (or ctrl Z) doesn’t work. I end up deleting the sprite I’ve been working on for hours and starting a new one.

This is all extremely annoying and has been happening to me for the past few months. I didn’t think it was very much of a problem until a few days ago, when I was trying to make a game cover and I bucketed the entire cover. I couldn’t undo the bucket and ended up deleting the cover and re-doing it to save time.

It has happened on multiple occasions with multiple objects.

Please fix this. @JR01 (I didn’t want to tag Grazer, knowing he’s very busy.)

-Ember. Y


yes, this bug has been heavily reported on discord.

i despise this bug man it’s so annoying having to reload just so i can use hotkeys again


(I don’t use Discord much… Or rather at all.)

Don’t apologize lol. You didn’t know.

I apologized because I though Galactian meant for me to delete the topic. I will edit the post.