Units line up and stop on meet up (Case Closed Permenantly)

So i wanna make a system were my unit ai will instead of overlapping and trampling over each other they will respectfully wait behind and follow each other and when an enemies like a grid tile in front they will pause and shoot each other. Game Flowlab Game Creator - Galaxar (Current State: Unplayable)


Use a raycast to stop the movement.

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well that wouldnt be to bad

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issue. the objects arent solid

They don’t have to be solid for Raycast, just need to enable collision.

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Well that actually kinda helps, ill try that

IT WORKS, Case Closed

Wait… Case not closed

The soldier only lines up behind mini guns not other soldiers

Any advice on that @JR01 ?

Raycast to search for a soldier too

Ok issue, In order to make it work i gotta disable the constant signal for the other sunrays to scan and i dont wanna make 12 different sunrays with 12 different switches and wire one sunray toe each switch 12 times over… any help? @JR01 heres were you usually come in with your smarts

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I don’t see any way around doing that, I’d suggest a fast mouse and music to keep you sane, or conversation with another person.

Instead of making a raycast for every soldeir,
make a parent object for the soldiers that the raycast can look for

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i thougth about that… and it works but takes up 1 blocks… but works

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I DID IT, CASE CLOSED. Thank you for those who helped above.

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