Unleash - Combat Heavy Game Lore

(Previously named Motherboard)

Here is where I will send the lore of Unleash. If you would like to wait until the game comes out to see the lore, then you are free to do so, if you do not want spoilers, you are also free to wait until the game’s release.

Lore will contain dialogue as if you were actually playing the game.


Chapter 1: Awakening


The motherboard is the very circuitry held between our universe. Without it, our worlds would not exist. Our universe was once a beautiful place, full of joy and laughter, delight and serenity, and a little chaotic. All was well…until one day… it became victim of an unknown sinister threat… Worlds collided, reality was fractured, and fear and despair rose high above all. But… there is still hope… there is a mighty, fearless hero standing strong, determined to save all of reality, and restore their home… And that hero…is you.

Mysterious Voice:

Hello…little one?..can you hear me?..Yes? Ok…it seems as if my world has collided with yours… Who am I you ask? Well, my name is Delta, and I have many things to tell you. The one responsible for all of this, is a group of awful beings called the Nyne force. Their goal is to override the motherboard and create a universe entirely their own. However, as a result, all life currently existing will suffer, or be destroyed. As for my world… it became a victim of the Nyne force’s sinister plot. He claimed…he was doing what was right for all realities and was seen as a hero…if there’s one thing I have learned throughout my life…beware the self-proclaimed hero…