Untitled halloween game from last year - should it be finished?

I was just wondering what it was for, I figured it did not have anything to do with the sprites physics. Oh and yeah I’m also making a Flowlab.io tutorial for my YouTube channel. It’s basically for brand new users to help them navigate their game editor. I’m planning on making a few videos tonight as well as a advanced on of course which will be about the ball =D

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here’s a big update, on Halloween day. multiple levels and polish things have been added. though i was planning to finish this game by halloween, I think it might have to wait until somewhere in early november, as i was busy with other game projects this month. i might try to make a trailer for the game today though, so look out for that.

@GrimProductionZ @Bmarzi @pixelknife31 you’ve commented on the post before, so i thought you might want to see this

21 days later oof

AHHH!!! Yes bro thanks for tagging me bro imma go check it out. going to be awesome.

also, if anyone has any ideas for what to call this game from what’s already in the game, I could use some ideas. basically the main idea of the game is your friend will go missing in the woods and you try to find them. this is implied no where in the game yet btw

Please Dont Tag Me :frowning:

But I Get It :slight_smile: (202020)

do you think this game deserves to be finished? I’ve found it again recently and have become a bit more interested in finishing it at some point (definitely not in time for halloween, but maybe a demo some time in november/december?)

wow, 12 months since last post. been a while.


Definitely. It was great the first time 'round :slightly_smiling_face:


Do it.