Untitled halloween game from last year - should it be finished?

i started making this game a few days ago, there’s not a whole lot there yet, but I’m hoping to use this as kind of an update log.

tell me what you think.


trees now blow in the wind and a second area has been created. you’ll need to jump down a pit to find it.


lol sorry it’s been like a month i haven’t made much progress, but I’m working on it more now

update 2.5 or something will probably be on here later tonight

i made grass that moves when you walk past, added a spooky screen overlay filter and background music from soundimage.com also removed the pit in favor of (spoiler alert) the idea of a monster looking for it’s eyes. once you return them, you get dropped through a trapdoor into the next part of the game

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It’s pretty good one thing i would suggest is that the tree sprite has a dark outline around it i would remove the outline so it would fit the style of the game unless you are adding outlines to all of your sprites then it’s good.

Also i found a glitch were you can double jump when you collide with the wall (which makes you auto jump) then press space at the same time you go twice as high, you can easily fix this by using some switches.

Also i love the bouncy ball psychics, its just incredibly good. Could i use the ball physics for a Flowlab.io tutorial maybe only with your permission though.

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thanks, I will keep your feedback in mind.

and for the ball physics sure, just maybe credit where it’s from.

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Well yeah definitely, not going to steal it or anything. Again its really a good physics. H-how did you come up with it. (Di-did i stutter)

Ok sorry for the meme just had to add it

I also just realized you can use the ball as a trampoline.

yah you can, I’m thinking of using that for a puzzle

Wow, sounds nicccceeeee. I really can’t wait to your finished with this game

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Also if you clip the ball just right you can use it to long jump which could be used for another puzzle.

Oh and if you pin the ball up against a wall and run into if for a few secs and jump you can jump twice as high again for maybe more puzzles for high jumps

Also i have a question i have some clouded that match your background for your game can i use your background i can give you the cloud tile set of course you can recolor it though Since mine clouds are blue and whit but you can make it black and very dark red and stuff. So yeah

@GrimProductionZ I’m not sure I understand. Are you asking if you can use my background for your game?

Yes and i could give you some clouds in return

@GrimProductionZ I would like to keep my background unique to my game, sorry.

Ok that’s fine then.

I Like How You Auto-Jump Over Obsticles!

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@pixelknife31 yah I like it too, it’s inspired by It Lurks Below

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I really like the player animation, the changing colors is a cool effect. I can’t wait to see how this game continues.

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@Bmarzi what exactly do you mean by “changing colours”

like the light around the player?

I think thats what he means, also i was looking through your ball behaviors the other day and noticed a color behavior can you explain what this does.

@GrimProductionZ you won’t be needing that for your tutorial. you won’t need any code really. the colour block is for making the ball darker when further away (all objects have this)

it makes it so it looks like there is only a small light around you.

@JR01 created it