"Untitled Survival Game" - Full Release

Hello. Since February I have been working on a sandbox survival game. Now in April, I have ran out of objects to use. This is what I consider a complete version of the game.

The game features standard sandbox survival game features, such as building, crafting, and enemies to fight. The game has three main “dungeons” that the player can explore for rewards.

I hope you take the time to play the game, and maybe even enjoy it. I am looking to update the game if possible. Have a good week!


Bro this is great! Featured game quality! The best survival game on Flowlab even. I would recommend adding any finishing touches that you can without making new objects, such as polishing.


I thought this was finished! It’s one of the best games I’ve ever played (Made with Flowlab at least). It reminds me or Minecraft.