Update 1.5 of Project T will come out in 2 Weeks! Beta is Out Now!

Link: http://flowlab.io/game/play/468005

Question you might have:
Q: Why in 2 Weeks???
A: I’m getting my indie membership in 2 weeks.

Q: What will be added when it’s updated?
A: - Look Below.
Features Added:
-an Objective Menu that loads the game.
Removed Features:
-Assault Rifle: I want the game to stay basic.
-The Scoreboard: thought it was useless.
-Level 2: updated it to a Objective Screen.
Adding Features in the future:

  • A Lot more levels!!!
    -decrease the time limit from 20, back to 15
    -(if @grazer ever adds it,) Online Multiplayer:
    Compete with one other player to attempt to score big!!! both scores will show up on each level.
    sorry if i removed your most favorite feature, the assault rifle. i thought it was too much for the game.

Looking forward to it :slight_smile: