Update - Audio fixes and new default sprites

I just posted an update with a bunch of audio fixes and general cleanup. The long standing sound bugs should be fixed at this point (in particular requiring a reload after adding/changing an mp3 url). Sounds should be using less memory, and audio performance has been improved as well.

I also added some new default sprites to the sprite editor.

Hey just so you know there is also a bug where when you set a proximity block and hook it up to your behavior (in behaviors) and you delete it it gets the proximity like radius circle around your curser.

Thanks, I’ll check it out!

i agree with the Luminous700

Wow! The new sprites are amazing!

But I think they’re a little TOO good, because they outshine most of the sprites from the old games.
I think less people will bother with making their own sprites


That being said, it would be a certain use for those who are lesser in drawing skills, but it could be helping.

That’s a pretty simple drawing style, and could easily be mimicked.

It Finally Fix
and The New Sprite Editor is Looking good!:slight_smile:

Just got an email saying I upgraded my flowlab account. But I’m still at indie?

@jngthree - that email goes out whenever you get billed, sorry if it’s confusing. I just like to remind people when they are making a payment so that they don’t forget about the subscription.