Update on thrall inventory system

Web capture_21-8-2023_13419_flowlab.io


Looks dope so far man!


Uff, do I have to say this to another user?

Use the same topic.

No matter how many updates you have, post them on one Dev Log, thanks.

hey @JUSTPLAINOP - this is a complicated game that’s been in development for a long time, I think multiple threads are OK :slight_smile:


I know, I have much respect for the game, but don’t you think one topic is enough? I mean, I am happy to see how its development is going along, but each minor update as an entire topic would quickly cloud the ‘Updates and Announcements’ category, don’t you think?

Anyways, @probablydon, what difference will this update make to the game? What sort of thing will the player store in the inventory?

thanks, this inventory system will store all player stats, upgrades and boss/enemy kill counts as well as player loot. I’m fairly new to the whole inventory thing so I’m just getting through it trial and error style.

so far I’ve worked on and refined

Player inventory

Player lvl progression


A boss

Some dummy enemies

player loot

Apples / apple trees

Stamina / stamina regeneration

Health / health regeneration

new music and sound fx

Chat boxes

and a main menu and title screen.

I’ll try not to spoil too much, next announcement should be a playable demo


appreciate it thanks