Updated Flowlab UserGuide / Turoial Videos

Personally, I find the Flowlab Guide very useful for example it helped me discover how some of the features work but I feel like it s being left behind from updates. There have been many useful updates such as being able to upload and impliment your own sound, adding multiplayer tools and I feel that I could further grasp understanding of these catagories if the flowlab userguide was updated regularly as it is super useful for providing information.

Another request relating to this is that you add more tutorial videos, prehaps catagorically (Such as how the block menus are catagorised) explaining what each block does as it provides another method of understanding which may be preferable to other users. The blocks you can use in flowlab can give users a lot of potential and I feel more tutorial videos would help them discover this perfectly.

Thanks for reading this request!

Grazer makes a ton of updates so it would be a lot of work to add each update to the user guide.

I understand but i feel it would be useful to be able to read up on what all the different features do.