Updating an old game: Among Us: The Imposter (again)

I’ve decided to update this old Gamougg-3-era game with some fresh new content. Here’s the link: Flowlab - Among Us: The Imposter Delta
FYI, I’ve only added 3 of the new Among Us colors as crewmates. This is because I have to go eat food. The other colors are available in the player and can be used. They should arrive as crewmates tomorrow!

It features:
  • All player colors in Innersloth’s Among Us
  • 0(ish) gravity gaming
  • Many crewmates with dialogue
  • Emergency meeting button
  • Forge mode
  • Parkour around the ruins of the Skeld!
  • Easter egg for this game hidden inside this game
  • Dark mode game page background
  • Real game-accurate Among Us colors
  • Interesting synopsis
  • Actual voice acting (all done by me)!
Updates 2022-02-07
  • Updated nearly all sprites and graphics
  • Added the 7 or 8 new colors from the latest update(s) to the real Among Us
  • Buffed pistol
  • Destroyed gravity (I lowered it a lot)
  • Named some previously unnamed objects
  • Pistol now uses The Attacher Block System (TABS)
  • Added a radar/motion tracker, doesn’t function just like Halo: Flowlab Evolved
  • Added numerical and bar health display
  • Added stage recovery feature
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You know what you need next, an ai. Sounds like a fun time. Still thougoh it would be sick playing with ais


AI would be great, you just have to make it good enough so it will see if someone kills another player, and make sure it completes its tasks while still having similar gameplay when it’s the Imposter. (Not an actual AI, a Bot is a more actuate term)


Yea, it would require a lot of proximity checks and such, however, it will be similar in difficulty of coding some of the other smart bots on this website.

code summary

* <small>Blue: 1</small>

* <small>Green: 2</small>

* <small>Pink: 3</small>

* <small>Orange: 4</small>

* <small>Yellow: 5</small>

* <small>Black: 6</small>

* <small>White: 7</small>

* <small>Purple: 8</small>

* <small>Brown: 9</small>

* <small>Cyan: 0</small>

* <small>Lime: - (dash/hyphen)</small>

* <small>Coral: =</small>

* <small>Gray: [</small>

* <small>Maroon: ]</small>

* <small>Rose: ; (semicolon)</small>

* <small>Tan: ' (")</small>

* <small>Banana: / (not to be confused with , which is the right dash button)</small>

New cover art

the coolest thing about this game is that i added a color changing impostor years before innersloth did

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