Flowlab upgrades are great, but can we have an option to update? I mean, they add new features and kill bugs, but when there are finished games that you’re proud of and want to leave as be, after several updates when you come back to check on it, it’s ruined and the objects don’t work properly. So, for the sake of games you’re not working on, please make this an option.
And maybe an “always update” button as well for people who disagree.

Yeah I’m curious about this too. Does it mean if another update is made that potentially an existing game gets broken? Such as if a new feature, trigger, component is released?

Sometimes. I noticed that games like color quest weren’t working as well. Before, it used to be bug-free. Now it has lots of bugs… same with survival night. and other games. Nowadays I really don’t want updates, because I’m afraid that new bugs will appear. I just want strictly bug fixes

-flip behavior doesn’t work as well with velocity
-collision can’t depict specific objects (not type)
-animation white box bug

These are some of the newer bugs caused by the updates, (idk about the white box one) and I kinda would’ve preferred staying in the old versions.