"URL must point to a .MP3 file" error.

I want to play a sound when my character jumps but for some reason, when I put in the link to the Youtube video it says “URL must point to a .MP3 file” so, what do I do to fix it? I want Mario you to play a sound when he jumps (Mario from Super Mario Bros.), I am putting Mario in my game, this is the link to my game: http://flowlab.io/game/view/972818, the walking camera with legs controls the, well, camera and to find Mario, go to the left. The controls for the walking camera are WAD and the controls for Mario are TFH, if you know a solution to my problem, please tell me and if you do, thanks! -Scraptap

That’s not how that works at all, you’ll need to download the YouTube video as a .mp3, then upload it to an .mp3 hoster and get the direct URL and put it in there.

Thanks, PixelStudios! I’ll try that!

A link to a youtube video is not an mp3 file. The link must end with “.mp3”.

If you have any paid subscription you can simply upload .mp3 files in the sound behavior block. If you are using a free account you need to upload it somewhere in a host website. Kiwi6 for example, you need to create an account though. You can upload mp3 files in the file manager. By the way, always search for mp3 sounds, other formats don’t work. If you want to convert a youtube video to an mp3 file you can use this website.

I just uploaded the mario jump sound for you on my account:
Notice the “.mp3” at the end of the link.

Latif3 thanks for uploading the sound but, I already went threw the trouble of doing that… but anyway! How do you connect the sound to the jumping?

oh I answered in the mail you sent

There's a switch in the Run&Jump bundle, connect the output to 'play' in the sound block.

Saw your answer! Just mailed you because I wasn’t completely sure if you were gonna answer, Latif3. Thanks tho! And thanks for answering my mail!

Latif3! I still can’t hear the sound! my computer volume is not muted and the sound on the sound behavior is at 100! The “out” on the switch is connected to the “play” on the sound behavior and there’s no error popping up anywhere! What do I do?! Help please.

Huh this is weird, it doesn’t work for me as well. The sound only plays when clicking on the sound block, but in-game it just ignores the play input.

@grazer Could you take a look at this? This might be a bug.

That sucks, I guess I can’t do it. right now then, tell me if he responds to you please, thanks!