Use this amazing free pixel art editor as an alternative to flowlabs editor until we get an update - which has an autosave feature!

Okay so after a vote it was clear a lot of poeple wanted a pixeal art editor update, myself included, but guys we have a great alternative which I use for all my detailed pixel art. It can do grdients, has a multitude of tools and options to choose from and can save grazer some work -! Its perfect and designed for creating pixel art at maximum capacity! You can go up to 700x700 pixels, copy and paste, and even have tools that make circles, boxes and lines intantly by dragging and has an autosave feature! You easily import it into flowlab via download and can upload it to the cloud and access it from any device without going into flowlab! It can make animation and can even have tracing! I use this all the time because it has a ranged variety of tools that helps me do more advanced pixel art for backdrops and such.

Using this could save grazer so much time becuase its saving him from having to do a really big editor update urgently. Im not saying never use flowlab and forget about an editor update, Im just saying until we do get that we should use this! Its like someone else literally helping grazer out until he gets round to updating it, because then there is not too much rush.

Use today and have a peak at my account: to see what is possible. Now I know this may be blocked on some school computers, but it has a mobile app and can be used on any device. I Guarantee this will save you all loads of time and will make doing stuff like this a lot easier. Ultimatley, this is what the flowlab editor update should head towards, so it gives grazer a good idea of what to aim for too! Its free, its online and accessible anywhere with a great community and helpful ideas! Its a perfect aternative!


@The_Kodex my school blocked it for me, lol. I honestly don’t need an a pixel art website cause I currently have Gimp 2.10 on my computer. But my school device is a Ipad with keyboard. It also has a pen so it’s easy to draw. When I go back to computer I might give it a try.


Yeah, I use pixelart all the time! Not usually for my games, but it’s a great pixel art editor


I’ve used pixilart before lots of times for my games, especially for the bigger sprites, and I have to agree 100% with @The_Kodex that it is the go-to site.

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