User interface game layers?

In my game, I need to make smaller objects appear on top of another, much bigger object. The smaller objects will fluctuate to different layers (either on top or bottom of the biggest object) everytime I refresh the page. Is there a way I can ensure that the smaller objects will always appear on top of the bigger object in the user interface layer?

I swear this is going to give me a heart attack. The bigger object controls the most behaviors, and I don’t want have to rework everything into the game world layer. Why I didn’t make the bigger object in the game world layer in the first place, I really don’t know:

<img src=“” alt=“PICTURE” title=“PICTURE”/

If it’s an issue of visibility, why not just switch their graphics?

What do you mean? Like swap out the bigger picture for the smaller picture and vice versa?

Yes, then they would be swapped and the small would be on top right?

That’s an interesting idea, I’ll try it out eventually.

And by the way, user interface Bundles never save?

Sorry, I’ve been gone for a while. Honestly, I don’t know much about bundles.
I know that bundles copy the last edited version, but each object can be edited separately, as long as you don’t delete, and re-add the bundle.

You’re good. Do what you need to do in life.