Username logins

Can we please login with usernames instead of emails when we forget our email?I’m trying to log into my GeometryDashRetroDash account but I don’t remember the email. “Remember me” isn’t much help,too.

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@grazer must see this

I think you can log in with an username thats how I do it

I’m on mobile,it only has a email option to log in,no username

How do you forget your email… that’s on you pal

I dunno.

P.S. This has to be 20 characters :angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry::angry: there 20 characters

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dude shut up Ive made burner accounts and forgot the email

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I’ve tried doing a username login, but it indeed does not work. It has to be email only. Logging in with a username is only for student accounts.

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Then Ild take it up with @grazer

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What @MetaNinja said is true, mostly. Sometimes it works some it doesn’t. Also it’s case sensitive on how you first typed it. For example my email starts with a lowercase but I typed it in uppercase when signing in so it inly only accepts uppercase.

That’s still on you, write it down somewhere or something