Usernames for legend of wolf

Hey if you want to get shoutouts in the description of the game,post your username in the comment section below, I will check Monday Wednesday Friday for usernames.

also ideas for my new game

hi umm lol
ur game sounds cool
i think it’d be cool if ur game was about a wolf on his way to becoming a legend
wouldnt it be funny if he had a sidekick? lol

or it could be like a camp and there are kids looking for the wolf and trying to hide from it or catch it or take a photo of it for the school paper

i guess it could also be a werewolf teacher ahahahahaha
or maybe it could be about a wolf in a book books are fun right? lol

well i dont wanna bore u typing the rest of my ideas lol sorry if its a lot
goodluck w ur game

btw @potatopants is my alt acc lol if i dont respond w this acc im prob doing something in my other one ahahaha