Using a checkpoint has stopped my character's movement altogether?

When you choose to go to the last checkpoint, everything works fine, and it sends the message to make your character move again. But, when it goes to the checkpoint and restarts, the player loses his ability to move altogether. Is there a reason to this, am I doing something wrong?

Btw this is on level 2, (Sewer Confrontation) level 1 was too short and easy to have checkpoints.

I’m not entirely sure how your game saves checkpoints but you can see if my method works for you game. You can go into the test level place the checkpoint down and test it.

There are several issues with your checkpoint and its not properly starting at the position you set.
Also you cant move because you start at a cutscene and you have dialog there and at the beginning of the level…

You need to

  1. Name the save
  2. Save to it outside the player
  3. Use a once for the save in the player

In the Player (Spark):

In the Boss Enemy (Trapper):

OH! Thank you so much!