Using touchscreen

Can anyone please guide me that how do I use touchscreen while making my game. I’m moving my player through the keyboard and I wanna make it move with touch as well .Can s someone please help me and send how they did it.

Making a game touch screen is actually really easy. You just need to use mailboxes instead of keyboards to move the player.

In the UI layer, make some buttons that represent your keyboard inputs (like up, down, left, right) that you can click.

For each object that you can click, use mouseclick and message blocks. These messages will go to the player and come out of the mailbox. The mailboxes will replace the keyboard inputs.

Now what behaviors use touchscreen?

  • MouseClick will capture any tap/press on the screen
  • MouseMove will see the location that you tap/drag.

I’m having difficulty understanding this. Would highly appreciate of you show it to me using your game . I want to make one player move using touch screen and finding it tough to understand it

kk i dont think i can help u there sos :frowning:
because i know some stuff but i am relatively inexperianced on this website but anything else i am sure that i could help