Value problem, please help

hi im trying to make a game and want to know if its possible for a message to be sent only if a number value is at a certain number or more. please help, thanks. ( pictures would be a great help.)

Yes, you can do this with a filter that goes into a switch.

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um i tried using that filter thing… but it still doesnt work, im trying to make it that only if the value is at least 250, the player can use that attack

Send me the link please, I’ll try to figure out what was wrong.

its an illusionist ripoff, please look at the fire object in the gaame world, the cat, and the enerygy bar in the user I i set it to 250, its not completed

wait i forgot to send link lol, wait

Something should be connected to the value obviously but I don’t know what you want the value to be for. (and it shouldn’t matter that much.)

Also do not use down and up. Down is when it is clicked, and up is when the click is let go, so 2 outputs will be triggered (unless you wanted that)

this is great and all but i actually just wanted when the icon is clicked , it would senda message, and would make the bar check if its energy value is above 250, if it is, it would use the move

that’s what this does.

oh, so what should the value be connected to?

the value should be the energy and it should be checked to be greater than or equal to 250.